Many of us, I feel, carry the weight of dreams that did not come true. We carry with us the wishes that we have allowed ourselves to make, and the ways in which the world has not been capable of making them real. Sometimes, we are disappointed by specific people– and that disappointment can become a heaviness which, unbidden, dulls our experience of the world.

“Estelas,” which is inspired by this poem by Antonio Machado, is a celebration of moving on. Its message is that the positive experiences which happen to us become a part of who we are. We are thus able to move on from disappointment in ways that make us more (not less) sensitive to the beauty of life, and to the delicate relationships we can have with the natural world. In this song, it is the ocean that brings the singer back to herself, and helps her to locate that beauty within herself, and thus make peace with her disappointment.

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